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KW Optical Glass
Kase KW Optical Glass is a Special Treatment Process, The Glass of Filter lens under the Condition of Keep Good Optical , Anti-fall has been Improved 2-time of New Optical Glass

Sharpness of HD
B270 Optical Glass Raw Material, Precision Grinding and Polishing, The Internal Molecular Structure is Stable and Orderly, The Long Focal Lens Also not Affect Imaging Sharpness, High-definition Imaging, It will not Appear the Phenomenon of Ambiguity due to use Polarize Lens

Multi-Layer Coating
The Glass Raw Material is plated the Precious Metal Film on Surface after Optical Grinding; Anti-Mildew; WaterProof; Anti-oil Pollution and Easy to Clean, The Tempering Coating can Protect the Coating and Lens glass difficult to Scratch

NITTO KOGYO Polarize Lens
Nitto Polarize Lens Film is one of the Manufacturers of High Quality Polarizer and Film, The Kase Polarizer Lens is using the high-quality Optical Polarizer film of the Nitto, It can Eliminate 99% Polarizer Lens, And 45% of High-transmittance

Aviation-Grade Aluminium Material
The Lens Frame is made of High-quality Aviation-Grade Aluminium Material, Machined of Precision CNC, Anodizing Colored, Letter of Laser Engraved. Damping is Smooth, Easy to Adjusting, And it will not appear “White” Phenomenon due to long time use,

Light and Thin Lens Frame
5.0 MM Thick and Light Lens Frame of exposed, Even if used Camera 16 MM of Wide Angle Lens, It will not Appear Dark Angle and can be used For Wide-angle Lens.

Anticorrosion and Corrosion Resistance
The Second Generation Optical Coating Techology, To Form a Layer Single Molecule Anti-mildew Coating of Anti-mildew, Solvent, Friction, Corrosion and Washing Resistance in the Glass Surface, Effectively Reduce the Anti-mildew Probability of Filter and lens

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40.5mm, 43mm, 46mm, 49mm, 52mm, 55mm, 58mm, 62mm, 72mm, 77mm, 82mm