1. Produce affordable fine art archival prints for sale
  2. Select appropriate ‘mood’ landscapes representing central and west Dartmoor
  3. Get images printed on crystal archive paper, custom mounts prepared and backs and sealed



Joss @ Powdermills Pottery, Dartmoor –



About Client:

Powdermills is the home and workplace of potter, Joss Hibbs. Joss makes a range of tableware using clays and other materials found around the moor, which are fired in her wood-fired anagama kiln. The result is a range of rustic tableware, all of which is suitable for the oven, dishwasher and microwave

The shop at Powdermills is a unique housewares shop which sells only hand-crafted products, of a quality normally found in a gallery. It sells the pots made on site by Joss Hibbs and a range of items which, although hand-crafted, are made for everyday use. The work for sale is made by thirty craft-makers who are either based around Dartmoor, or connected to Powdermills in some way.



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